Personal Best Fitness has a variety of classes available with something for everyone.


Indoor cycling class. These classes are a fantastic aerobic fitness workout, aimed to develop aerobic “huff and puff” fitness, and improve muscle tone and strength. THe instructor used music, visualisation, resistance and changes in position to create a motivating and challenging class experience. Spin cycle is suitable for all fitness levels and requires no coordination or bike riding experience. Classes run for 45 minutes and instructors assist all participants with the correct setting for their seat and handle bars.

Box Fit

Using boxing gloves and focus pads (padded mitts), performing punching and kicking combination which will increase you aerobic fitness, strength and muscle tone. Suitable for all levels, correct technique is taugh by the instructor.

3 Peaks

A total body workout focussing on specific muscles using a variety of different apparatus to help you gain benefit from your workout. 15 minutes spin, 15 minutes fitbar (upper body only) and 15 minutes fitbal abdominal work.


A combination of cardiovascular and resistance exercises. Intensity and impact levels vary. Ideal for all.

Fit Bar

Weight training in a class using individual bars and weights. Designed to improve your muscle tone.


Yoga is a system of exercises designed to stretch and revitalise the body’s energy pathways. Yoga exercises work every part of the body, stretching and toning the muscles and joints, the spine and the entire skeletal system. Yoga is effective in combatting stress and stress related illnesses, and it also improves posture.

X-Fit Circuit

A 45 minutes class tht will boost your metabolic rate both during and 3-4 hours after the class. This is achieved by combining aerobic and strength exercises into a circuit format.


A class to increase muscle flexibility and/or range of motion. Using the contract, relax technique.


Core strengthening class using a fitball