Corporate Health

Personal Best Fitness is one of Australian’s premier corporate health and wellness consultancies. Whether your business requires a program or physical activity, a weight loss program, back care, team building, stress reduction or corporate memberships to our health club, we have a team of experienced professionals for each and every aspect of a health and wellness program.

In today’s business world, health and well being is not just a benefit it is a competitive advantage and an opportunity to become an employer of choice.

Companies that encourage employees to look after their health and well being will have a clear advantage benefiting from higher productivity, less absenteeism and fewer workers compensation claims.

The outcome of a health and well being program is to provide an ongoing progressive program of health and lifestyle education, physical activity and lifestyle modification strategies.

Corporate Health Programs

You can work with Personal Best Fitness in a multiple ways. But the key is the first step . . . a needs analysis. We believe the first step in developing a long term relationship with you and your business/company is to first understand your business and employee needs and what you are trying to achieve. This is then followed by a proposal of how we can help you.

Once we know how we can help we can offer a number of services:

  • Staff Workplace Program – we can develop a program for a day to 12 months.
  • Key Note Presentation – maybe at your next conference or staff training day or product launch you need someone to add energy, enthusiasm, and learning then Amanda can do this for you.
  • Business coaching – fortnightly and monthly contacts are available to help keep accountable and also achieve your business goals

Our mission is to work with you to develop a successful workplace health program, in your workplace and/or at our club.

Our experience and commitment to our client’s needs ensures we deliver sustainable solutions. This means:

For the Organisation:

  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced workers compensation claims and premiums
  • Increased recruitment potential
  • Reduced absenteeism and disability time
  • Reduced staff turnover Provision of a set of future health indicators
  • Positive return on investment

For the Employees:

  • Balance between work and home
  • Improved health awareness
  • Reduced risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes and hypertension
  • Ability to manage stress
  • Increased satisfaction
  • Behaviour and habit modification
  • Improved strength, mobility, fitness and energy
  • Enhanced self-esteem, motivation and long term happiness

Personal Best Fitness offer a range of health and well being related workshops that have both a practical and educational component. We will encourage you to target your ‘at risk’ sector of the workforce.

Amanda Coombe can be booked for any of the following presentations, or a tailor-made program can be designed to suit the specific needs of your workplace and employees:

Below are just some of our tried and tested programs:

Physical Activity Workshops:

  • Self Defence
  • Get Fit in 40
  • Tummy Butt and Thigh Circuit
  • Overcoming Back Pain
  • Aches and Pains Go Away
  • Boxing Fit
  • How to Get the Most From Your Fit Ball
  • Home Based Exercise Program

Educational Workshops:

  • Help Yourself to Better Health
  • Facts on Fat Loss
  • Smartshape Weight Loss Program
  • How to Start an Exercise Program and Follow it
  • Motherhood to Menopause
  • Why Hasn’t Anything Changed?
  • STRESS Management, Take the Challenge …
  • Kick Start Your Health & Wellbeing
  • 8 week challenge

Corporate Clients

Personal Best Fitness has undertaken corporate health and wellbeing programs for the following companies:

nyrstar hobart, tasmanian collection service, norske skog, glenview, hydro tasmania, hia, ract

Norske Skog Health and Well-Being Program – What the Participants Said.

“There was an excellent balance of education and practical aspects. The length of the program was appropriate as it ensured ongoing focus and awareness allowing for successful habits to be formed” -Arnold Willems

“Good mixture of education and physical activity, fostered great interaction between all participants. This program finally got me motivated” – Mike Burdon

“The program has given me a reason to start exercising” – Rod Bender

“The best features of the program were the delivery style and appropriateness of exercise and the before and after fitness checks” – Greg Ludford

“The regular commitment and examples of being shown correct ways to exercise and stretch” – Jeff

“I now find it easy to make time for exercise and what types of food to avoid” – Peter Kearney

“I didn’t realise how simple it was to exercise without expensive equipment” – Peter Sylvester

“The best feature of the program was the simple exercises programs that can be done at home, this program has given me the opportunity to re-evaluate my lifestyle” – Vaughan Coleman

Tasmanian Collection Service Health and Well-Being Program

The program was well thought out and the variety of weekly sessions played a big part in maintaining everyone’s enthusiasm and high level of motivation. The gym component was invaluable as many of our workforce had previously felt overwhelmed at the prospect of exercising at a gym. We know have a number of employees who have the confidence to attend the gym on a regular basis. The food education sessions have also played a major role in changing the lifestyles of a number of employees with many surprised that a healthy diet does not mean they have to live on lettuce and water! It is difficult to determine whether the obvious benefit of having a healthier workforce outweighs the significant boost to morale amongst the group. We could not have asked for a more successful outcome.

Peter Cretan -Managing Director

Finally, it is important that we teach your employees the skills to maintain their own program of health and wellness. You will have our unconditional support in achieving this.