It is often only when our movement is restricted that we truly appreciate how good it is to move. If you would like to move without limitation AND with load, keep reading.

In short, for many of us the ViPR is the solution to unimpeded movement.

ViPR bridges the gap between movement and strength training.

What do we do every day? MOVE! We have to move to function in this world. In fact sitting all day has been linked to increasing the likelihood of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, blood clots, metabolic syndrome, and even death,” according to Hannah Daugherty, CPT-NASM and fitness expert.

Hand grip positions, which ensures that its weight can be specific to your needs and

The ViPR is the rubber tube with handles that you see others using at Personal Best. It has many different functional capacity. All ViPR movements can be regressed and progressed to fit the fitness level and goals of each and all.

It combines full-body movement with load, further improving the Vitality, Performance and, Reconditioning goals you may have.

ViPR will aide in keeping you strong and active. Vitality for life! An example of this is getting your groceries out of the boot or back seat of the car. You lean over, grab the handles and lift the weight of them up and walk in side. This is how ViPR works and why it is such a great piece of equipment. It is ‘loaded’ movement. Just because you are using a ViPR as your load doesn’t mean it becomes dangerous or risky. It is no different to the groceries in your shopping bag. It is loaded movement and further more when you get you groceries inside some of you would swing them up onto the bench to unpack or squat or lunge to place the bags on the ground.

ViPR can be used by all. Whether you are an athlete looking to have the edge on your opposition or someone recovering from injury, ViPR has a place in your workout. Research shows that moving with load improves balance, agility and dynamic strength, to reach goals such as weight management, improved functionality in daily life and enhanced performance in sport. It effectively challenges and conditions muscle, fascia, nerves, skin and other systems of the body.

The tempo and number of repetitions you perform while using ViPR can be altered according to the outcome you are striving for. If you are looking at repeatable uphill climbs on a bush walk then using ViPR can allow you to develop the necessary muscle and cardiovascular systems required to perform this task comfortably. If your exercise program needs a revamp the ViPR is the answer.

ViPR can also be used in all planes of motion. By this I mean in the frontal plane like a side lunge, in the sagittal plane, like a back squat or the transverse plane like an outturn step and reach. This is another fantastic reason to add it to your program. In our everyday movement pattern, we twist, turn, pull, push and bend. ViPR can improve your ability to move more freely and without concern in any direction you want to and with load.

Below are some pictures of 3 exercises you will see members performing in the gym. If you too would like to learn these ask your personal trainer to review your program. I promise once you start using them, you won’t stop!

Anterior Step with ViPR Uppercut in a mixture of Sagittal and Transverse Planes

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Anterior Step with Opposite Hand Reach in a mixture of Sagittal and Transverse Plane

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ViPR 2 Hand Tilt Anterior with Squat in the Sagittal Plane


Fran Sullivan

Master Personal Trainer

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