Personal Best Fitness Support a number of initiatives. These are just some of them below.

Royal Guide Dogs Tasmania

I was born with very little sight in my left eye and only have a light and dark perception. At 3 months of age my parents took me to Melbourne to consult a specialist about my eye and it was strongly recommended that I have my eye removed and a glass one inserted. After careful consideration they decided not to follow through with this recommendation, which in hindsight according to today’s experts was the best decision they ever made for me.

So all my life I have lived with this so called visual impairment and can recall hearing many conversations as a child such as
“Amanda will probably have trouble learning to read and write”
“Amanda may never be able to learn to drive a car”
“Amanda shouldn’t play ball sports”.

The message I was getting as a child was Amanda should be wrapped up in cotton wool and don’t expect too much from her.

Well Amanda graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Education (Hons), has a licence to drive a Heavy Vehicle and played basketball in the National League for the Hobart Islanders and is the founder of Personal Best Fitness.

Each day I realise how blessed I am to be able to enjoy and see this beautiful world that we live in. I now recognise that there are many people in the world who are more visually challenged than I am and are not able to experience the world in the way I do.

I can help some of these people by contributing to the training of guide dogs. So at Personal Best if you are late for your personal training session, we ask that you make a donation to our guide dog. RGDT

Royal Guide Dogs Tasmania assist people who are blind or  have a vision impairment gain the freedom and independence to move safely and confidently around the community and to fulfil their potential. They don’t receive any government funding for the breeding, training and provision of Guide Dogs, which are provided completely free of charge to their clients. They rely heavily on the support of business and the community to help them deliver these.

Amanda Coombe

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – Royal Hobart Hospital

During 2003 Colin and I were really looking forward to birth of our first child. As parents in waiting we did all the ‘right things’ such as the reading, eating healthy, going to all the classes and doctors appointments and having all the tests.

I enjoyed a relatively easy pregnancy, reducing my working hours as my pregnancy progressed and exercising to maintain some form of aerobic fitness, strength and muscle tone. All had gone to plan.

When you dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s in your pregnancy the thought never enters your mind that your baby would require serious medical attention.

Within 4 hours of being born our daughter Sofie was in the special care nursery and then 16 hours later was in the NICU at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

Sofie spent the first two weeks of her life there, endured 2 lumbar punches and was prescribed numerous intravenous drugs to fight her suspected meningitis.

When we brought Sofie home we were told she may have ongoing medical and learning concerns. logo-rhh

Words can’t describe the skills, professionalism and dedication of the team who work around the clock at the NICU and the magic they perform.

We think of ourselves as part of the NICU family and want to give something back to this wonderful group of people and help them help other families like us.

For many years at Personal Best Fitness we have a member night and a member challenges that raises money for the NICU.

Sofie is almost 12 years old now and is a very happy and healthy girl and we thank our lucky stars and the team at the NICU for this.

Amanda & Colin