The Personal Best Team

At Personal Best we pride ourselves on providing you with a professional, dynamic and highly skilled team of health and exercise specialists who have the common goal of helping you make sustainable changes to your health and fitness and educating you about the benefits of choosing to lead a healthy lifestyle. All our personal trainers and lifestyle coaches are certified level 4 and registered with Fitness Australia. Many of them have invested in further enhancing their skills in specialist areas such as weight loss, pain free movement and exercise and the use of kettle bells. We encourage our personal trainers to develop 2 or 3 specialist areas, for example if your goal is weight loss you would work best with Fran, Shiela, Ryan, Marc or Urszula. Our personal trainers also participate in weekly education workshops to improve their skills as personal trainers. We can say with confidence that we have the best team of personal trainers in Australia.

eidolanEidolan Erin – Master Trainer
A passionate believer in the power of the human body and a dedication to excellence is what makes Eidolan Erin one of the most sought after Personal Trainers in the Tasmanian Fitness Industry. Eidolan specialises in kettle bell training, strength and conditioning and functional movement training.
With more than 11 years as a Personal Trainer and clients of every shape, size, age and fitness level, Eidolan is in high demand for his skills in the rehabilitation of injuries old and new and his extensive knowledge of how the body works and functions.

His client success stories include: Assisting in the rehabilitation and subsequent strength and conditioning of a Beijing Olympic rower. Successfully helping a client with over 30 years of hip and lower back pain become pain free, fitter and stronger.
Teaching clients with a long history of knee pain to squat pain free. Regularly teaching male and female clients, who have not done so before to perform full body chin ups. This includes a client who spent almost two years in a wheelchair.

Eidolan is also proud to contribute to the exceptional high standards of services at Personal Best Fitness by regularly facilitating the weekly educational workshops for the team of Personal Trainers at Personal Best Fitness. He is a Sifu teacher level student with the Cheng Dao Kung Fu School.

Fitness TrainerMarc Hand –  Master Trainer
On Mondays I work with John, Paul and George (and others), John has been a client for 7 of the 8 years I’ve been a qualified personal trainer, as he has had a fairly massive training load for the last month or so, today’s session will be mainly stretching.

We are at the point in his training plan where we are due to start tapering because in four weeks time we will travel to Hawaii for the moth world championships (he is currently #3 in the world). He will compete, I will stretch coach and look after hydration (get drinks).
Paul is another long term client. I’m proud of the fact that most of my clients have been with me for 3 years or more and last year Paul came 4th overall in Targa Tasmania, his best result, and he hasn’t, missed Targa- ever. We are working on mobilising his shoulders and freeing up his neck – one of the side effects of driving fast around corners with a helmet on is a stiff neck – the migraines that used to occur weekly have become a bi-annual (or less) event since we started working together.
George started working with me after a serious motor bike accident left him with a couple of plates and half a dozen screws in his elbow, and an arm that he couldn’t lift above his chest. Six months on he was back on a bike and 12 months on you have to look very very closely to even notice he was in an accident. Tomorrow I will work with Kylie and Jason, Jason lost 30 kgs last year and is on top of the stress that comes with managing a large business, when I met him it was the other way around.
Kylie lost 15kgs last year, gained a couple of cms in height and no longer has the chronic pain she lived with for years as a result of a job that requires constant repetitive movements. She tells me she keeps coming twice a week, because without me she wouldn’t come at all. I believe in functional movement, specifically tailored to my clients needs, I believe in coaching people to make permanent changes to get the most out of their life, my job is a joy because I help people get more out of life. Qualified personal trainer, accredited wellness coach, accredited Heartmoves leader, Qualified Kettlebell instructor, certificate in understanding motivation. How can I help you? (*all names have been changed to protect privacy)

ShielaShiela Askey – Master Personal Trainer
In September of 2001, just before turning 40, I joined the gym to tone up. Little did I know where this journey would take me. Almost one year later, I sought the assistance of a Personal Trainer (Eidolan Erin) to help with technique, strength and cardio fitness.
Group exercise classes were fun and I formed many friendships BUT…. personal training made me feel great. One day I realised the aches and pains I was so used to putting up with had gone – well now that was a bonus! After almost 9 years I started to think of how great it would be to make other people feel as good as I did when I trained.

So began my journey into the professional side of Health & Fitness. In 2011 I became a certified Level 4 Personal Trainer, my qualifications also extend to the following areas: Older Adults, Childhood, Kettlebell & TRX suspension training. As a personal trainer I am proud to have helped clients achieve goals in the areas of weight loss, toning, strength and movement. These goals have been achieved through trust, motivation, a commitment to change, hard work and fun! I feel very privileged to have been able to share in, so many life-changing journeys, both mine and others.”


Tom Flint – Personal Trainer

Finding time to exercise and to make healthy food choices is not always easy. However, being stronger and fitter and eating well can make life’s challenges SO much easier. If this is or has been a struggle for you, I would love to help you.

I have always been a musician with a passion for health and fitness – both my own and other people’s – and after seven years based in the UK where I led the hectic life of a classical singer touring the world, my Hobart-born violinist wife and I have sought a change of pace with our two little boys. This has presented the perfect opportunity for me to engage my qualifications as a Personal Trainer at Personal Best Fitness.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, get stronger and gain muscle in the process, walk up an extra flight of stairs, or feel better when you wake in the morning, I can help you achieve this with a safe and effective program tailored to your needs.

Away from Personal Best, I continue to enjoy my flourishing national and international singing career, while getting to discover my beautiful adopted home state.

Please come and say hello!


Master Personal Trainer
Master Personal Trainer

Fran Sullivan – Master Personal Trainer

Since a career change in 2007, I have worked in all aspects of the business at Personal Best Fitness. I now specialise in Personal Training and have had great success in helping clients lose weight and returning them to good health be it from illness or injury. One of my clients constantly reminds me that I have helped change her life, she has lost 60 kilos. Another client, presented with high blood pressure and a dangerously high waist circumference, putting him at high risk of coronary heart disease along with lower back pain and breathlessness.
After 4 years of support he now has a new lease on life, is less stressed, normal blood pressure and a healthy waist circumference.. He has also completed the City to Casino 7km event and the in 2011 and 10km Bridge. When I’m not at Personal Best Fitness I enjoy spending time with my three children aged, 5, 3 and 10 months.

When I’m not at Personal Best Fitness I enjoy spending time with my three children aged, 10, 8 and 5.
A certified Level 4 Personal Trainer with Fitness Australia, I also have obtained additional qualifications in the following areas, older adults, childhood trainer, kettle bell instructor, crank it fitness. I started my career in the fitness industry in group exercise teaching classes. I would love to help you improve your lifestyle whether it be from illness, injury or otherwise so……I really hope to see you at Personal Best Fitness soon!

lyndieLyndie Butler-Bruce – Personal Trainer & Pilates Guru
Lyndie is a certified level 4 personal trainer who is passionate about passing on the benefits of fitness and well-being to clients of all ages and levels. She enjoys the personal touch of tailoring programs to meet all individual needs, including clients who have experienced previous injury or health issues, or those that just need some encouragement to achieve a healthy and more balanced lifestyle.
Lyndie has additional qualifications including group fitness; she is a certified Barre Attack instructor and has considerable experience in classes suited to older adults. Lyndie is also an award-winning and highly respected Hobart hairdresser who lived and worked in London for three years where she had members of the Chelsea Soccer Team and Linda Evangelista among her clients. She enjoys sailing, kayaking, travelling and Pilates.

ursula kayUrszula Stanny – Personal Trainer
Urszula has been a personal training client and member at Personal Best for over five years. Being a mother of two active boys she faced the challenge of scheduling exercise into her busy life and of regaining her former fitness and body shape. If you were wondering why Urszula makes the rower look easy it’s because she was a Gold medallist in rowing at the 1986 Commonwealth Games and found that in her late 40’s with regular personal training she was competitive again at Masters level.

“The renewed fitness helped me to balance the demands of hectic work and family commitments and I felt I had more energy”. She has coached rowing crews ranging in age from 12 years to older adults, helping them to achieve their goals, which included success, at State and National championships. Urszula is passionate about encouraging others to experience a balanced, healthy and functional lifestyle.

She is keen to share her skills and experience as a personal trainer and to help clients achieve their fitness and body shape goals. Urszula enjoys travel and being outdoors, and she swims and bush walks with friends, often followed up with a chat over a good coffee.

gabbysteeleGabby Steele – Personal Trainer

I am passionate about many things, well as long as it generally involves a pair of trainers and gym gear! I’ve always had a love of physical activity and after the birth of my second child I knew it was time to improve my general fitness.  Personal Best Fitness emulated my passion for customer service and love of exercise and this is where I started with a regular personal training session each week.

I became a certified Level 4 Personal Trainer with Fitness Australia in 2015.   I am very fortunate to be able to share my health and fitness passion with my clients and I love helping them achieve their goals. To move well with a smile and a laugh are fundamentals in feeling better and help to maximise the best in all of us.

Shana Hall – Front Desk Team


Hi, I am the person you see at the front desk most mornings. I manage the accounts, memberships and KPI’s for Personal Best Fitness and I enjoy that aspect of my role, I’m a ‘numbers’ person.

One of the main reasons I love working at Personal Best Fitness is because of my contact with the people, I enjoy hearing about your holidays, families and interests and having day to day banter with our regulars. I treasure the many special friendships that I have at Personal Best.

Away from Personal Best, I enjoy keeping fit and spending going on adventures with my golden retriever Buddy as well as spending time with my family and friends.

I’m now on maternity leave!

Laura McShane – Front Desk Team


I am part of the Front Desk Team at Personal Best Fitness, with aspirations to build a career within the fitness industr

I love working at Personal Best Fitness as it enables me to connect with each and every person as they walk in – it hardly feels like work when I can have a chat to the clients about their life, work and family! The friendly and welcoming environment from both staff and clients, is something I value greatly.

My plans going forward are to complete an Exercise and Sport Science degree, and potentially build on that by obtaining certification with Fitness Australia as a Personal Trainer.

Away from Personal Best, I enjoy spending time with friends and family! I also love to compete on the athletics track, as a sprinter in the 200m & 400m events.

Lisa Crowther – Front Desk Team


My name is Lisa and I’m part of the Front Desk team.

My areas of expertise are administration, customer service, payroll, banking and reconciliation and I’m enjoying my new working environment very muc

Not having a fitness industry background, I am really inspired by our personal trainers as they make you relaxed, confident and a part of the family, regardless of your age, injuries, body shape and size. They REALLY care about their clients.

I have just started personal training and even though I have significant back injuries, I am confident my personal trainer will be able to help me live a pain-free, normal life without the need for back surgery in the future.

Outside of Personal Best Fitness, I love to go ‘glamping’ (glamour camping in a caravan NOT in a tent!), kayaking, bushwalking and spending time with my husband, pets, family and friends. I also love to garden, travel, read, sew, recycle furniture and renovate, just to name a few things I enjoy!

I hope I can make your visit to Personal Best Fitness a positive and motivating experience. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Kate Eckhardt – Front Desk Team and Personal Trainer 


I am a casual receptionist and am working toward becoming a Personal Trainer and I really enjoy working at Personal Best because of the welcoming, friendly environment.

Currently, I am studying health science hoping to later complete a physiotherapy degree. I am also a canoe slalom athlete and have been representing Australia since 2013.

In my spare time, not that there is much of it! I love exploring the outdoors, travelling, rock climbing and going on adventures!


Lynne Cretan – Group Exercise Instructor

Lynne Cretan


I started going to group exercise classes about 10 years ago, and was the badly co-ordinated one in the back corner for ages. People assume if you are not overweight, you are fit – very wrong in my case, as I got fitter, the buzz got stronger and I was encouraged to do my Fitness Accreditation with the intention of being a group exercise instructor.

Seven years later, no regrets, still love it. I love taking strong classes where I get a good workout myself, so you’ll see me rostered for fitbar and high intensity interval classes. I am also a mat-certified Pilates instructor. I like to try new things, as I hope the Forever Actives will agree with.

As an all rounder, I have instructed and enjoy most class formats, but you’ll never see me willingly on a spin bike! I have taught the group exercise module of Certificate III in Fitness at TasTAFE. See you in class soon!

Alia Knight

Alia Knight – Group Exercise Instructor

Alia greatest fitness inspiration has always been her Grandfather, who started up one of Tasmania’s first gyms, which she attended from a young age. Alia fondly remembers treadmills, that were completely powered by your own power!!

An accredited group exercise instructor and personal trainer, Alia teaches a variety of classes at Personal Best including; Spin, Tabata, Boxing, Fitbar, 3 Peaks and BAAM.  She has a particular passion for BAAM (body weight and animal moves).  Alia strongly believes classes should always be fun and challenging.  It is where success and better health lies.

Exercise to Alia is an integral part of health management.  In her daily life she runs a very busy acupuncture and naturopathic practice.

Jane Stephens

Jane Stephens – Group Exercise Instructor

Born and bred Hobartian, I am a UTas graduate in pharmacy so have had a long term passion to help people optimise their health and wellbeing, I became an aerobics instructor because I loved participating in classes and thought it would be fun to motivate people to get fit.

I have been in the industry for over 20 years now and, taught in many gyms. I love my classes at Personal Best, the culture of our gym really resonates with me and my passion for getting people to enjoy their exercise,

personal trainer north hobartSofia Tsamassiros – Front Desk & Personal Trainer and Be Activated
My role at Personal Best Fitness varies from working at the reception desk to taking the Friday night stretch class. I have always enjoyed all aspects of sport and fitness, however, after being a personal training client of Eidolan Erin’s for sometime I was drawn by his knowledge and ingenuity, which  sparked my interest in becoming a personal trainer myself. I completed my Certificate III and IV in Fitness whilst completing Year 12.


Shani McGuire – Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer & Massage Therapist.

Shani McGuire

My experience in health and fitness started from an early age where growing up in the USA, I played sports and then focused on dance, music, golf and athletics through my teens.

Feeling that I needed to improve my life, I joined a gym. I loved every class, especially the resistance training and Yoga.

The whole health and fitness experience inspired me so much that I went on to complete my Yoga teacher training some years ago and Personal training certification more recently. My vision is to bring awareness, so you can feel the support, connection and vitally.

Besides practicing yoga daily, I love to do anything outdoors – hiking, mountain climbing, snorkeling, anything in nature. I also love to cycle, dance and travel and I’m excited to see more of Tasmania and the world.

I am now pleased to also offer YogaPT and massage at Personal Best Fitness.

Join me anytime to get fit, happy and healthy!


Jak Parker

Jak Parker –  Group Exercise Instructor

I have been working in the fitness industry for close to 10 years and have recently begun taking classes at Personal Best Fitness.

I am extremely passionate about health and wellbeing and am inspired by commitment and effort. I believe in the power of group exercise and just LOVE the atmosphere that comes with it and enjoy meeting new people and playing a part in their wellness journey.

My favourite classes to teach are Spin, Tabata and Boxing and I also enjoy teaching Xfit and Fitball.  During the day I am a Health and Physical Education teacher and feel privileged to help children develop an appreciation and life-long commitment to their health.


melissa-molloyMelissa Molloy – Operations Manager
Melissa enjoyed her Personal Best experience so much she went on to become a Personal Trainer and Group exercise instructor and now 7 years after joining the Personal Best Fitness team she has become the Operations Manger. Melissa brings a wealth of business experience to Personal Best from her past life as a Director of Nursing. Melissa has a keen interest in working with all types of people, especially those with health and rehabilitation challenges.

Melissa has specialised older adults certification and enjoys helping people to reach their goals. She is certified with Fitness Australia as a Personal trainer and Group Exercise Teacher.  When not at Personal Best, Melissa will usually be foundbush walking. She also loves to cook, garden organically and to travel.

Colin Director Personal Best FitnessColin Millington – Director & Senior Personal Trainer
Colin has more than 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry having worked in many health clubs in Tasmania and also established a Fitness Centre in the Australian Taxation Office where he was employed until 2001. A pioneer in the industry Colin was the 1991 Tasmanian Fitness Leader of the Year, a past Board Member of Fitness Tasmania and is currently a Member of the Regional Industry Council of Tasmania.

Colin has a passion for client service and is committed to develop a best practice approach for the Fitness Industry in Australia . Colin has presented at the 1989 and 2001 International and Healthy Lifestyle Convention in Sydney and also at the 2002 and 2003 Fitness Extravaganza in Hobart .

amandacoombeAmanda Coombe – Founder & Master Trainer
Amanda is considered a national expert in lifestyle coaching and personal training having four times been a finalist in the Australian Personal Trainer of the Year Award. She has 5 times been the Tasmanian Exercise Professional of the Year and has twice been awarded the Star Performer of the Australian Club Owners Round Table.

Amanda is the founder and Managing Director of Personal Best Fitness, Tasmanian’s most awarded Fitness Business and is recognized as a leader in corporate health programs. Her corporate clients include Nyrstar, Tasmanian Collection Services, Hydro Tasmania, Norske Skog, Tasmanian Audit Office, SEMF, Housing Industry Association, RACT and the Tasmanian Fire Service.

By far her most outstanding professional achievement was being named as the Tasmania Telstra Women’s Business Owner of the Year in 2013. Amanda has won numerous National and State athletics championships over 800m and finished in the top 5 at the World Masters Indoor Championships in 2017.  She was part of the Australian 4x200m team that won the World Title.