Whether you have a specific goal in mind, need extra motivation or would like to add variety to your current exercise routine, our small group personal training programs allow you to achieve fantastic results in an affordable way.  We offer programs to suit all peoples’ needs including our highly successful ‘Lose 6 kgs in 6 weeks program.’ Metabolic Burn ‘Overcoming back, neck and shoulder pain’, Abs, butts and thighs’ or using the Vipr or kettlebell.


How can you get GREAT results now?

There are two ways either small group personal training or individual Personal Training.

You have likely heard about small group personal training or you may have held others raving about it but you may not be sure about how you will benefit for it.

Your first step is to clarify your health and fitness goals. These may have changed and may include weight loss or toning, pain reduction, sport performance training, or improved balance and stability.

Small Group Personal Training allows you access to a schedule of set small group sessions which are designed to satisfy a diverse range of peoples’ objectives and capabilities, ranging for more gentle controlled Pilates to advanced and strength and cardio sessions. Most groups are 6 weeks allowing you time to progress and gain results.

Small Group Personal Training:                                                  SGPT Cretans

  • I prefer training with others rather than on my own
  • I like a social element to my training
  • I like to save money
  • I need a schedule to stick to
  • I need structure around my workout program
  • I need assistance with my technique
  • I need to be pushed and/or motivated
  • I like one of the specialised sessions e.g. Abs – Butts and Thighs, Pilates, Hour of Power and Group Functional Fitness etc

If you would like to know which format is best for you make a time to have a free consultant so we can steer you in the right direction.

What the Personal trainers say

“Some clients are quite competitive, and working out with like-minded members really pushes them that bit further,” says Kate.

For others, it works the opposite way “A few ladies have become convinced that they have the worst coordination in the world. When they exercise with friends, they realize that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, and they are not as bad as they first thought!” says Shiela

“There is no way that these guys would be still exercising twice a week after 10 plus years, these guys have families and businesses and enjoy the stress release and camaraderie that the group brings”. Colin