Leigh Millington

The Australian population is ageing and as it does the rate of arthritis, osteoarthritis and other joint issues are escalating with a 60% increase in hip and knee replacements in the last 10 years.

After a joint replacement regaining strength, stability, mobility and learning to walk with confidence can be a challenge for many.

When Leigh started at Personal Best Fitness he had experienced knee pain for most of his life after breaking his knee as a 10 month old. Leigh has had 3 knee surgery’s prior to the knee replacement, considerable muscle wastage and was walking with a limp.

Leigh was starting to compromise his life due to the pain in his knee and walking up and down the stairs at work was becoming a nightmare. He would have bouts of pain that were sometimes so intense that he was prescribed transdermal patches and become depressed at times and was lacking in motivation.

‘I have always thought of myself as a swimmer, but was starting to realise that I needed to do some land based exercise to maintain my bone density and strength, but could not think of anything worst than going to a gym’. However a work colleague suggested I try Personal Best ’.

‘Like many, my perception of a gym was a place full of lycra clad, very fit looking people pumping weights and lots of mirrors and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Personal Best is not like that.’

Leigh found that at Personal Best there were people just like himself in the gym. He was impressed by the personal service of all the team members, their genuine offer to help in a supportive environment with some friendly banter. He went from being 100% out of his comfort zone to feeling confident with his individual exercise rehabilitation program that his Fitness Australia accredited personal trainer had taught and explained to him.

One of reasons as to why Leigh has recovered so well from his knee replacement is that he gained as much strength and flexibility as possible in his legs prior to the operation, which has significantly aided his recovery.

‘It’s been a year since my knee replacement and I’m thrilled to say that I now have more strength and mobility in my knee than I have had for years and my knee is no longer bowed.

Leigh has been going to Personal Best Fitness now for over 4 ½ years and credits his continued focus and commitment to working with a Personal Trainer.

“Having a personal trainer is what keeps me on track and motivated, I really enjoy the process of achieving the exercise progressions. I have no aspirations to become Mr Universe far from it, I think that ship sailed long ago. At 60 I am the fittest both physically and mentally I have ever been since my 30’s. I love the sense of achievement in having progressed to swinging a 24kg kettle bell’.

Leigh & Scott KB

Marc, Leigh’s personal trainer, has now also taught Leigh how to manage his sciatic pain that has been troubling him for years. Having the support of a personal trainer is a the key factor in feeling and functioning better and staying motivated through the highs and lows of exercise rehabilitation.

“I never imagined myself looking forward to going to the gym and enjoying it, but to be feeling and be functioning so much better is wonderful’.


Maureen Coombe

Over 80% of the Australian population suffer back pain at some time in their adult life. It accounts for 50% of workers compensation payments and is the single greatest cause of lost work time.   It is the most frequent cause of inactivity amongst adults under the age of 45.

When Maureen started at Personal Best Fitness she had experienced back pain for 19 years. She had lost significant body strength and confidence and at 67 has been compromising her life due to the pain. She would avoid going out after a day at work due to the fear of having to sit in an uncomfortable chair or stand for long periods.

“I would have bouts of pain that were sometimes so severe that driving the car was a challenge, this even happened on holiday and I was completely debilitated. This was the catalyst for me starting a back rehabilitation program.”

Even though Maureen’s daughter had worked in the fitness industry for many years, she was still, reluctant to start an exercise rehab program for fear of injury and not knowing what to do.

“Rest, physio and anti-inflammatories would always help resolve the pain, but if I was honest with myself it was only just a ‘band aid’ effect until the next incidence. Some days after being at work I would have to sit with the wheat pack on my back before I could do anything else.”

Maureen thought that the pain she was experiencing was also what happens as you age. She was having difficulty walking and at times had no feeling in her leg which was worrying. Maureen became extremely frustrated that her body would no longer allow her to go on walks with her friends or garden.

After another course of physiotherapy Maureen’s physio suggested that she start some personal training as a preventative measure, in order to improve her strength, posture and reduce the stiffness in her body.

Maureen & Scott 6

“Like most people I was aware of the benefits of going to the gym. I knew that I needed to learn how to move correctly again in order to free my body up, regain the strength in my legs and back, improve my balance and do something for myself.”

For Maureen having the support from Eidolan her personal trainer in the first few months was the key factor in her improving her strength and motivating her through the highs and lows of ‘getting on top’ of back pain.

“Eidolan educated me on why and how, rather than just tell me what to do.”

Eidolan helped Maureen understand her body and what exercises she could do to release the stiffness and regain her strength and flexibility.

“My results were immediate, Eidolan was very good at knowing what I needed and how my body would respond. He gave me a program to follow and now I have the confidence and enjoy going to Personal Best in my own time and working through it.

Maureen is also a regular participant in Forever Active classes at Personal Best.   These are low impact classes that are specifically designed for people of her age whose body don’t allow them to partake in mainstream exercise programs.

Maureen is now able to swim and walk pain free and has a new lease of life. She no longer feels stiff and sore each morning.

“I never imagined myself going to a gym and enjoying exercise classes, but to be pain free and be feeling and functioning so much better is wonderful. Some of my friends have since started and enjoy the relaxed and friendly atmosphere.”

Pauline Rowan

If weight loss were as simple as calories in and calories out we would not have 64% of the adult population either overweight or obese. It has become clear that this approach to weight loss is no longer effective. However what we do know is that different types of food produce different responses in the body and this varies from person to person.

Not understanding why we can’t lose weight, we seesaw from diet to diet depriving ourselves of food, then binge and feel guilty and move in and out of exercise without any success and in many instances put on more weight. It doesn’t have to be like this says Amanda Coombe owner of Personal Best Fitness, Tasmania’s most awarded Fitness Business.

Pauline was no different three and a half years ago when she started at Personal Best Fitness, she was over weight and needed to re-gain some fitness in order to cope with the demands of being a busy medical practitioner.

“Like most people I understand the importance of physical fitness, emotional health and having some time for me and I had been a member of plenty of gyms throughout Australia and never achieved my goals even with my knowledge about the body.’

Personal Best Trainer, Marc Hand with client, Pauline Rowan of Sandy Bay.
Personal Best Trainer, Marc Hand with client, Pauline Rowan of Sandy Bay.

Having never used a personal trainer Pauline realised she needed the accountable and wanted to learn how to use her time at the gym more effectively and the correct way of doing exercises without over doing it or hurting herself.

“I wanted to work with someone that understood my needs, someone who could help me set achievable goals, which would keep me accountable particularly during the winter months and offer variety and was very patient and encouraging.

Pauline wanted to achieve her weight loss goal and improve her fitness so as to be able to enjoy her holiday.

‘I started working with my personal trainer Marc and he challenged the way I thought about food and exercise. What did I have to lose as I has never been successful with weight loss before?

Pauline lost 16 kgs in 6 months and credits her success to setting some specific goals and having a knowledgeable personal trainer who had the skills to help her, particularly in the initial six months

‘I have not been this fit since my early forties and can now run without getting stress fractures as Marc has changed my technique. I have significantly improved my upper body strength and posture and no longer ache after long days on my feet.’

‘Its always rewarding to see someone make positive changes to their life-, I’ve found it really gratifying to see Pauline lose weight, gain freedom from constant pain, and gain confidence in her physical abilities. Its brilliant to see a doctor embrace and succeed with what is a contemporary approach to weight loss’ Marc Hand.

‘The great aspect about Personal Best Fitness is that it is a one stop shop for weight loss, injury rehabilitation and improvements in general health and well being. I would encourage anyone who needs to make a positive change to their lifestyle to get started.’

Noel Mundy

Most gyms will try and sell you a membership, which really only gives you access to fitness equipment and as an enticer they may discount the joining fee. This is much like renting a car in a foreign country without a map. You can drive wherever you want but you may bypass many of the great attractions of that particular city.

At Personal Best Fitness you can have the car and the map with all the bells and whistles ensuring that you start a program of physical activity that gives you the results you want, reduces your pain, helps you lose weight and gives you a better quality of life.

Noel’s wife Jane had been at Personal Best Fitness for a couple of months and suggested that he start too as she felt very comfortable in the non-intimating environment. When Noel started at Personal Best Fitness his blood pressure had spiralled out of control and he was 20kg overweight. He could barely put his shoes on in the mornings being an ex footballer and cricketer due to back and shoulder pain.

Noel & Jane 3

“I had not done much for some years and the whole health and fitness thing had been a constant battle for years and I knew I needed help if I was to lose weight, reduce my blood pressure and be able to move freely without pain.”

“I thought that the pain I was experiencing was what happens when you get older and have played a lot of sport. I was becoming frustrated that my body would not do what I wanted it to do and with Meniere’s disease my balance was becoming a real challenge. There is no way I want to be in a wheelchair in my 60’s.

Noel like most people was aware of the benefits of going to the gym. He knew that he needed to learn how to look after his hips, back and shoulders by regaining some mobility, improve his balance and reducing his blood pressure for the long term as his role of State Director of Mission Australia involves a great deal of travel and he sits for much of the day.

“I needed someone who could improve my fitness, motivate me both when in Hobart and interstate and educate me on why and how, rather than just tell me what to do and this is exactly what the personal training programs at Personal Best Fitness have done for me.’

Noel has lost 10kg, his blood pressure is normal and his back and shoulders feel great. “I now have the discipline to keep active even when I am travelling’.

It’s never too late to take control and put yourself on a path the better health as Noel has done.



Paul Yonna

“After having a hip replacement at age 56, my goal was to be able to snow ski again. I have been in many gyms, but none like Personal Best Fitness, its like it is someone else’s lounge room, but with gym equipment in it, it is relaxed and inspiring both Julie and I feel right at home”. I had complete faith in the program that Ange and Marc my personal trainers set me, they have that great skill of being about to differentiate between when I needed to be encouraged, made accountable or challenged.”




“I have spent a great deal of time in my professional life, motivating people, both Ange and Marc were amazing in the way that they motivated me to establish an exercise routine and work towards my goal of skiing again, which I achieved only 6 months after my hip replacement. The other great benefit of having an ongoing personalized program is that I lost weight and my trousers are much looser now.” Paul Yonna 56.


Lisa & Mat Taylor


“Joining Personal Best Fitness has really boosted our energy levels and given us very important time out from working long hours.”




“I wish to thank all the great staff at the Personal Best Fitness for their encouragement and professional advice. In particular, I would like to thank Ange who was my personal trainer and is fantastic.  Her wickedly dry sense of humour, gentle heart and fitness expertise were invaluable in helping me through a difficult period in my life.”- Mary, aged 55.


Dr Luke Galligan


With a little reluctance I signed up for a ten week stint with Personal Best Fitness after a knee injury. I was more than a little frustrated at not being able to perform my usual sporting activities (squash, running and Tae Kwon Do) and was having difficulty with conflicting advice as to how I could get my knee right.


That was over one year ago now and although my knee is long since “right” I am simply too fearful to stop the sessions. This represents not so much as a fear of Amanda (although there is a bit of that), but more a fear of the “bubble of positive results” bursting.


These results include:


I have come to realise that this is a complex and tricky business with lots of conflicting advice being offered. In this field one has to know what they are doing, with considerable skill being needed to judge when to forge on and when to back off. Amanda has very expertly guided me through a difficult process.


“Fit for Life” 
I had considered myself fairly sporty, hence thought I knew a fair bit about sport fitness and training. I have found out that I knew very little and what I knew was not appropriate for an “ageing sportsman”. Although I still do a little “road pounding” I have discovered the benefits of the pool (never was much of a swimmer before) and the importance of stretching and flexibility.


A gym program has to have method and planning. I have learnt a much more structured and rounded approach to fitness which is not only body friendly, but, more importantly body protective, I believe affording me the chance to maintain physical fitness and sport, hopefully into a ripe old age.


Work and Lifestyle benefits
It has been great to get my knee right and see positive things happening to the “post 40’s body”, but perhaps the main reason that I continue “personal best training” its surprising affects on how much better I cope with my busy work and life schedule. My hours remain too long, but there is still a little spring in the step at the end of the day. I feel much better and intend to stay feeling that way!


Dr John Banks M.B.B.E


We were led to Amanda by word of mouth from a friend who had experienced Amanda’s training and recommended that we take advantage of her skills.


Initially my wife went to see Amanda to get help with her desire to lose weight. Amanda took a detailed history of Heather’s lifestyle and level of activity and designed a program aimed at increasing physical activity, reducing inappropriate eating habits and changing the focus away from pure weight loss on the scales to a healthy attitude of balance between exercise output and dietary input.


The balance is one of the key features of Amanda’s approach and which is incorporated into her help for me when I requested she give me guidance in my self-designed running program that I had been doing for many years, She showed me how variety in training was fundamental to improvement and also essential to maintaining gains made. She skilfully mixed activities, which I had not previously used to increase my interest and keep me motivated.


Her extensive and detailed knowledge of functional anatomy and physiology expressed itself time and again as she would introduce a stretch or activity to improve a particular area of weakness.


I decided to go snow skiing after a gap of 25 years and she tailor made a six week which meant that I had not only a successful skiing holiday but also I had an injury free experience and surprising endurance on the slopes.


She also designed programs for our children who had needs as varied as skiff sailing, tennis, cricket, hockey and teenage weight gain.


All these programs were successful and after four years we have a family fully accepting of the importance of regular physical activity, the need for care with what goes in the mouth and general belief that being fit is a good feeling and the rewards will be seen in the long term by reducing the risk of ill health.


Amanda is a person who with skill and intelligence interprets and reacts to clients needs and desires all the while with the over arching plan of improving health and well being and risk reduction of unhealthy lifestyle.


One could extend her role description to that of “Life Coach” as she incorporates her experience of life and her subtle use of psychology to encourage and help her clients to a happier and healthier life such that we do not see an end to our desire to continuously avail ourselves of her time. She is a leader in her field and an example to all.


Marilyn Martyn


Personal Best Fitness has provided me with motivation that I had never previously been able to achieve. This came from personal approach and “tailor-made” programs. I had previously attended aerobic classes, circuit programmes at gyms, swimming sessions and felt I’d tried everything and not achieved much, and therefore lost interest and motivation.


A program which was designed for me and related to my strengths and weaknesses, and which was reviewed on a weekly basis was the answer to achieving success. I started to enjoy activities that I previously found difficult. I also took on training, which I never thought that I would, i.e. running. I always thought running was a crazy thing to do that wrecked your joints. However, through proper instruction on technique and correctly fitted specified running shoes I am now addicted and enjoy it more than any other type of training. It was a gradual progression from walk/run intervals to being able to run continuously for an hour, and competing in fun runs.


Swimming became more enjoyable because my programs involved various exercises in the pool which broke the monotony of just doing laps.


One of the most important factors of Personal Best Fitness was being able to continue on programs during times of injury. Previously, injuries had meant a cessation of activity and therefore a decline in fitness and frustration at having gone backwards. However with Personal Best Fitness the programs were altered to avoid using the injured body part and still maintain my fitness level.


After 13 months of Personal Best Fitness I suffered a sudden acute life-threatening event which was devastating after what I had personally achieved in regard to my fitness. However, once again my personal training program was reviewed and rehabilitation was commenced in consultation with my physician. Therefore my return to previous fitness levels was achieved gradually and steadily and my confidence regained.


Personal Best Fitness has provided me with a much higher level of aerobic fitness, and amazing increase in strength, excellent recovery from injuries, a commitment never before realised and the bonus of a better looking body with some weight loss.


Mrs Lesley Green


Following a serious work-related injury which required major back surgery, I thought I would be unable to resume normal activities both at home and at work.


Determined to return to normal function, I attempted my own “fitness programme”, but the strength and knowledge was just not there to enable me to successfully achieve my goals.


I was referred to Personal Best Fitness and an intensive rehabilitation programme was developed. Commencing with exercises in the pool and continuing on to ground exercises and the use of the gym equipment, including weights, I noticed a huge difference in my strength and ability to carry out daily duties without discomfort.


The rehabilitation programme was so successful that I have now returned to work and am able to perform most normal daily activities.


I found the staff at Personal Best Fitness, especially Matt Lamb who was allocated my case, to be professional, relaxed, friendly and encouraging. Attainable goals were set with regular reviews and assessments.


I wish to thank them and Matt in particular, for assisting me to achieve my goals, and for being equally as determined as myself to reach them. I would not hesitate to recommend Personal Best Fitness to those in a similar situation.