Personal Best Fitness has a variety of classes available with something for everyone.

3 Peaks

A total body workout focussing on specific muscles using a variety of different apparatus to help you gain benefit from your workout. 15 minutes spin, 15 minutes fitbar (upper body only) and 15 minutes fitball abdominal work.


Based on a combination of body weight and animal moves, BAAM is a highly effective form or exercise. Developed to strengthen muscle and joint weaknesses it increases flexibility, strength, agility and power. BAAM is challenging, but always loads of fun. If you want something to take you to the next level, BAAM is it.


HIFM (High intensity Functional Movement) is a dynamic and engaging class designed to enhance your functional fitness through a series of targeted movements. Each session focuses on fundamental movement patterns to improve strength, mobility and overall conditioning. HIFM is a challenging yet rewarding experience that will elevate your fitness to new heights.

Box Fit

Using boxing gloves and focus pads (padded mitts), performing punching and kicking combination which will increase your aerobic fitness, strength and muscle tone. Suitable for all levels, correct technique is taught by the instructor.

Forever Active

This program is specifically for men and women aged 55 years+ and can provide you with a program of low impact exercise designed specifically for the mature adult.


Indoor cycling classes are a fantastic aerobic fitness workout, aimed to develop aerobic ‘huff and puff’ fitness, and improve muscle tone and strength. Our instructors use music, visualisation, resistance and changes in position to create a motivating and challenging class experience. Spin cycle is suitable for all fitness levels and requires no coordination or bike riding experience.


A great combination of Spin and Weights. For those looking for a whole body workout of cardio and strength. Moving from the spin bike to weights at regular intervals provides variety and is aimed at keeping the 45mins fun and challenging. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Fit Bar

Weight training in a class using individual bars and weights. Designed to improve your muscle tone.


A combination of cardiovascular and resistance exercises. Intensity and impact levels vary. Ideal for all.


A class to increase muscle flexibility and/or range of motion. Using the contract, relax technique.


Yoga is a system of exercises designed to stretch and revitalise the body’s energy pathways. Yoga exercises work every part of the body, stretching and toning the muscles and joints, the spine and the entire skeletal system. Yoga is effective in combating stress and stress related illnesses, and it also improves posture.

Pilates Pump

Pilates Pump is a rejuvenating full-body experience crafted to enhance your strength, core stability, and endurance. This class, blending Pilates principles, gentle apparatus work, and weights, is tailored for those seeking a mindful approach to fitness, right on the mat.

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Facilities & what we offer

Situated on the first floor of the Old Hobart High complex, Personal Best Fitness is Hobart’s most advanced and sophisticated health and fitness facility. As well as featuring some of the most state of the art gym equipment available, Personal Best Fitness has a unique welcoming ambience that makes exercising a pleasure. At Personal Best Fitness you can exercise to sweeping mountain views in a relaxed, inspiring environment.

What equipment is available?

At Personal Best Fitness we have 18 pieces of cardio equipment including the latest series bikes, treadmills and cross trainers from Free Motion. Our state-of-the-art cardio equipment is packed with features and the ability to save your workout data to USB and upload your progress on your home computer! We also have Concept 2 rowers and Keiser spin bikes. Our strength training area is equipped with the latest Life Fitness machines including a lat pulldown, dual cable machine, seated row, chest press and assisted dip/chin up machine.

Personal Best Fitness also has a range of free weights, kettlebells, ViPr, TRX, fit balls, medicine balls and BOSU for functional exercise.  The spacious Group Exercise Studio boasts the Keiser M3 Spin bikes with computers, and state-of-the-art Reebok weight bars and steps for Fit Bar classes.

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What we offer

Personal Best Fitness offers a number of services to individuals, groups, workplaces and organisations. The services that are offered by Personal Best Fitness vary according to the client’s needs and health and fitness goals.

  • Personal training – one on one and small groups
  • Health and fitness appraisals
  • Child and adolescent fitness programs
  • Fat loss programs
  • Corporate health and lifestyle workshops
  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Activation
  • Corporate Overhaul programs
  • Injury rehabilitation and corrective exercise programs
  • Postural assessment
  • Self defence and Boxing
  • Training for a fun run
  • Specific sports conditioning
  • Kettlebell & Vipr training

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