Mind, Body, and Soul

Meditation with Alanna Meredith

We’re thrilled to announce the third instalment in our “Mind, Body and Soul” series of community workshops at Personal Best Fitness. Join us for an enlightening session with Alanna Meredith, a seasoned guide in the realms of yoga, meditation, and emotionally focused therapy. Alanna’s unique approach blends ancient wisdom with modern psychology, creating a transformative experience for participants.

“Having guided others on their relationship with self, others and life for the past 17 years I have always been fascinated by the human experience. From a very young age I could see worlds within people – untouched parts that rarely found way to the surface that longed for expression. I could see how rarely we expressed how we felt, said what we meant or asked for what we needed. I could see that we are as afraid of our joy, as we are our pain. Curious, I began to ask why? And so began my studies into yoga and meditation, emotionally focused therapy, attachment theory, kundalini tantra, somatics and poetry. Working with me involves healing deeply rooted beliefs, patterns and behaviours, most often established in childhood, that have caused a disconnect in your relationship with self, others and life. Exploring everything from nature to nurture, heartbreak to healing, mindfulness to mysticism, childhood to parenthood, sensuality to wonder, semantics to science and all the experiences that run through a human life: vulnerability, joy, grief, shame, courage, beauty, despair and awe. Through Relationship Therapy, Online Courses and Poetry my work explores the relational nature of living. Whether it be relationship with your body, emotions, identity, spirit, others or the natural world I see all of life as relationship, all reflective of the relationship you’re having with yourself, all relevant and full of the wisdom you seek. The gift being, that by their very nature, relationships are constantly changing and constantly growing – inviting us to do the same.”


Don’t miss this opportunity to join this intimate workshop led by Alanna Meredith. Embrace the relational wisdom of life, explore the depths of your emotions, and unlock the potential for positive change. Claim your space now and elevate your journey to well-being with Alanna’s expert guidance.

Join us for an hour that could reshape your perspective on relationships and well-being forever. Limited spots available – reserve yours today!



24th February 2024

Start time:



1 hour


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