If you are searching for the best place to improve your health, lose weight or become fitter you have come to the right place.

Welcome to Tasmania's most award winning Fitness Business. Winners of the Fitness Australia, Gold Award and Hobart Exceptional Customer Service Award for 2013 and a State Finalist in the Telstra Business of the Year.

In addition to the 2008, 2009 and 2010 Tasmanian Fitness Business of the Year, Fitness Australia Silver Award for 2012 and Hobart Exceptional Customer Service Award in 2012.

Welcome to Personal Best Fitness.

We have what you need! Discover a place thats all about you . Get results FAST with one of our Personal Training systems designed by Amanda Coombe four times Tasmania Fitness Professional of the Year.


Research shows that of all the people who exercise, only 25% get the results they are looking for. Out of those people who do get results, 90% used a Personal Trainer (IHRSA 2002)". So what are you waiting for?

You will get results FAST with one of our Personal Training Systems, developed by Amanda Coombe, four times Tasmanian Fitness Professional of the Year.

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Whether you have a specific goal in mind, need extra motivation, or would like to add variety to your current exercise routine, our small group personal training programs allow you to achieve fantastic results in an affordable way. We offer programs to suit all peoples’ needs, including our highly successful ‘Lose 6kg in 6 weeks’ program, ‘Overcoming back, neck and shoulder pain’, ‘Abs, butts and thighs’ or using kettlebells.

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Personal Best Fitness is one of Australia's premier corporate health and wellness consultancies. Whether you require a program of physical activity, a weight loss program, back care, team building, stress reduction programs or corporate memberships to our health club we have a team of experienced professionals for each and every aspect of a health and wellness program.





Exercising for as little as 20 minutes, three times a week reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s by 40%.

We offer programs specifically for men and women aged 55 years+, including classes, small group personal training, individual gym programming and personal training.


  • Amanda is the Telstra Women's Business Owner of the Year for 2013


    Amanda was rewarded with the honour of being named as the Tasmanian Telstra Business Women - Business Owner of the Year for 2013.


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  • 50 Squats for 50 days

    This months sees our members at Personal Best Fitness participating in the 50 squats for 50 days challenge.


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  • Here is our September newsletter for you to enjoy.

    Welcome to Spring at Personal Best Fitness. Our focus this month is on YOU with September being Members Appreciation Month! We value your continuing support and as a thank you we have arranged to have some special events in September for you to enjoy. This is your month to shine and we have something on each week to help you do that.

    In this edition Eidolan Erin writes about some great ideas on how to improve our gait and Gabby Steele writes about sports footwear and what we should be looking for when we buy gym shoes. Here's our event calendar.

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Mon-Thu 6am - 8.30pm
Fri 6am - 7.30pm
Sat 7am - 12 noon
Sun 2pm - 6pm

Wed, @6:15am - X-FIT Circuit
Wed, @9:15am - Stretch
Wed, @10:30am - Forever Active
Wed, @12:10pm - Box Fit
Wed, @5:30pm - 3 Peaks
Thu, @9:15am - Fitbar
Thu, @10:30am - Forever Active
Thu, @5:30pm - Fitball
Fri, @6:00am - 3 Peaks
Fri, @10:15am - Step
Fri, @5:30pm - Stretch
Sat, @8:00am - Spin
Sat, @9:00am - Circuit
Sat, @10:00am - Tai Chi
Sun, @4:00pm - 3 Peaks
Mon, @9:15am - Fit Bar
Mon, @10:30am - Forever Active
Mon, @5:30pm - Spin
Tue, @6:15am - Spin
Tue, @10:30am - Forever Active
Tue, @5:30pm - Circuit
Tue, @6:30pm - Yoga