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The Personal Best Story

The Personal Best Story Amanda worked in the fitness industry on a casual basis since 1986 and founded Personal Best Fitness in February 1998 after working as a teacher for seven years.

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Create More Movement Options

I’m going to expand on this topic in regards to what is happening in the brain and the tissue and how that can be incorporated into exercise.

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Meet Larnie

Meet Larnie King. Most group exercise regulars have done a class with Larnie, who greets you with a smiling face. Larnie has been teaching group exercise for some 30 years after completing what was known as the Fitness Leaders course in 1989, as a 17 year old at the University of Lismore.

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Personal Trainer Hobart Food Christmas
12 Days of Christmas Tips

Throughout the year we work at keeping to routine, exercising regularly and making appropriate food choices.  During the festive season there are many temptations and we can ‘undone’ much of our years good work.

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Personal Training
Taking the ‘fad’ out of weight loss!

If you google fad diets you will likely come up with a never-ending list: 2019 Best and Worst Fad Diets for Weight Loss and underneath that is a list of the 5 most common forms of fad diets.

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Half full or half empty?

We’ve all read that exercise is great for mental health and there is exponential research to support that claim. Exercise releases ‘feelgood’ hormones such as endorphins and serotonin, boosting your mood and reducing stress and anxiety.

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Injury Rehabilitation
A Fitness Industry Trailblazer

Many of us can remember the days of leotards, leg warmers, high leg kicks and grape vines, none more so than Colin who has been one of the trailblazers in the Tasmanian Fitness Industry.

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Walk like a ‘Farmer’

Farmers are some of the strongest, healthiest and most mobile people you’ll find, but it’s not because they spend their days lifting weights in a gym

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Be Activated

In a society filled with stressors, we believe we all too often get stuck in a “fight or flight” state, resulting in poor health, such as sickness or injury and fatigue, both physical and mental. We use a system based approach termed ‘Be-Activated’ to help the body fire in the correct sequence.

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Heather Mercury
Do YOU want to look good, feel and function better?

At Personal Best Fitness in North Hobart, we are more than just a gym, come and see for yourself. 

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“Personal Best Fitness has provided me with motivation that I had never previously been able to achieve.”

Marilyn Martyn

Real people, real results

Change happens when you ‘run’ out of excuses.

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