The Takeaways on SUGAR

Hidden Sugar comes in many forms

Glucose, Fructose, Sucrose, Ga-lactose, Lactose, Maltose etc, but not all of these different types of sugar effect our health in the same way. There are at least 61 different names for sugar that can be used on the packaging of products to disguise it from the consumer. Solution: limit or avoid packaged foods where possible. Certain types of sugar have been linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, certain types of cancer, insomnia, obesity, metabolic syndrome just to name a few. In the average Western diet added sugar alone accounts for around 450 calories a day, or 1850 kilojoules, and these calories not only come with NO other nutrients but can effect your hormonal balance in a negative way. Your whole body will be thankful for reducing your sugar intake, in particular your liver and digestive system. Low-fat and ‘lite’ foods often have added sugar to enhance the flavour and make the products palatable. Check the label. Shop in the outside of the supermarket and avoid the isles. 80% of their weight-loss success comes from eating the right food. When dietary fat, supplemented by good quality protein and consumed along with abundant vegetables the bodies nutritional requirements are met. This reduces harmful reactions to food, such as see-sawing blood sugar levels. hidden-sugars Follow the 80/20 rule: Make good choices 80% of the time and the occasional slip-up will not be too much cause for concern. Eat like it’s 1934. Go back to the way your grandparents used to eat. Meat and three veg, real butter, the whole egg. At Personal Best Fitness we have had GREAT success in facilitating the weight loss of 100’s of clients due to our simple and effective weight loss guidelines.     Written by Amanda Coombe who is considered a national expert in lifestyle coaching and personal training having 5 times been a finalist in the Australian Personal Trainer of the Year award. She is the founder of Personal Best Fitness, Tasmania’s Fitness Business of the Year and is recognized as a leader in corporate health programs. Her corporate clients include Nyrstar, Tasmanian Collection Services, RACT, Hydro Tasmania, Norske Skog, Parliament House, Tasmanian Audit Office, SEMF and Tasmanian Fire Service.